-The Carmam M200 Foehn PH-1513 in its element after 6 years of restoring.

The previous flight was its last flight in the UK in 2001.


2012 The first flight (for real this time!!)


Yes, by the time these words are written, the first post restoration flight is history.

The glider peformed well, and we (Wim and Bas) are very happy with the results.

The restoration proces took a lot longer than we estimated. It was very time consuming. The fact that Wim was already retired, and that we were helped by Peter Deege, Martijn Hoogenbosch, Jan Forster, Jeroen van Dijk, Hans Regeer and Robert Wind helped a lot.

I am sure that without the contribution of these people, the project would be prematurely stopped.

We also want to thank the local civil aviation authority for their cooperation.

2011, the year of the second first flight!


Yes, were almost there!

It was a painstaking process, but were almost where we want to be.

Weighing and documentation still has to be done, but well fly this year for sure!

Ill keep u posted on this site.


regards, Wim and Bas

2009, a new year ahead,


The year 2009 will be the year that the structural repairs have to be finished.

We are running out of time due to to the fact that we have to leave our current workshop.

We are searching for an other location to finish our project.

The final assembly of all the components, checking of the instruments and the adjustment of the various systems and flight controls are to be performed in the first months of 2010.

First flight is also planned in 2010, but we still have a long way to go!!

The wings are almost ready to re-cover.

Various modifications had to be de-modified.

Pictures concerning the wings will be added in the "restauration section".

A lot of work is also needed on the trailer.

This is a project on its own, and is not easy to realize due to the extreme registration requirements of the Dutch traffic organisation concerning trailers.




Finally, a Carmam m200 arrived in the Netherlands.

How is it possible that the first one arrived in the year 2007 you might ask?

Personally i think that this wooden side by side glider was out dated at the time, compared to the plastics that had released by then.

The classic building method was overrun by more sophisticated and revolutionary methods, and that made this glider less interesting to many clubs.

The M200 was mentioned to be a training and a performance glider.

The glide-ratio was 1:32, wich was remarkebly good for a side by side glider.

But compared to other gliders of that era, it still was to be found obsolete.

Nevertheless, it is problably the best performing wooden side by side glider in the world.

Build in 1969, our example is no.55 out of a batch of 60.

Many changes and modifications had been made if you compare earlier examples.

The scarce technical documentation found on the internet, is not sufficient enough.

Any documentation regarding the M200 is more than welcome.


Regards, Wim and Bas