Completely refurbished parts can be seen on this page.


Here you see the A-frame with the speedbrake and the ingenious flight control and wheel suspension system.


Refurbished instrument panel with a Winter vario, Friebe tacho, Winter altimeter, turn and bank, VW electronic vario and an 8 day clock.

Air brake assembly waiting for installation.

This is a complicated design, and was used by different gliders and aircraft.

Again, Jeroen played a big part in getting this finished in a short time, Thanks.

Closeup of the LH inboard airbrake.

The completed left and right hand rudder control unit that is permanently mounted on the two alluminium bars.

And a view from the other side

Several flight control parts that are finished.

The finished right hand control stick.

The refurbished type plate.

One of the finished seats. The attachement edges had to be repaired due to damage that was coused by the ageing of the glassfibre. The attachement holes need to be drilled before installation.

The overall condition of the seats was quite bad, and a lot of work was done here.

Special thanks for Jeroen, who is always willing to help where possible.